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Cloud 9 Esports News
MW3 Team

Comments 1 By England rowza in Call Of Duty MW3 on Monday 07 May @ 14:45

Moden warfare 3 news

It seems as though we have picked the Call of Duty MW3 team.We will be announcing them within a week or two. Full roster and interview will be up .

With the team now settled down and in practice, they will be attending EGL7. We wish them the best of luck but its as much as we can say right now until the announcement.


New Website

Comments 0 By England rowza in Website News on Saturday 05 May @ 21:02

Website news

To fellow clan members and to members of the public, as you can see we have made to rather large and important changes to the clan. "Out from the old and in to the new" as they say!

So to state the obvious, as you can see we have gone for a more professional gaming look.
There is no Specific gaming theme here like 'CoD' just a random design for show we are multi-gaming.
Of course we are not fully set up in the multi-gaming criteria but we are soon very hopeful to do so.

This new year we aim high! Starting off, bringing in a CoD MW3 team in who will be announced soon.So to our fellow gamers please continue sharing your love and publicity with us and lets conquer the world of gaming!